When it comes to pulling single or multiple carts, the Moto-Tugger provides an easy to operate solution.

This highly maneuverable and easy to use tugger features solid state variable speed control, regenerative and automatic braking. The Moto-Tugger is equipped with an onboard battery and charger pack.

This tugger can pull up to 1,500 lbs. and has several easy to install tugger-to-cart and cart-to-cart hitch arrangements. The Moto-Tugger also features a Quick Hitch Lift System that can hook up and disengage in a matter of seconds by a push of a button.

Standard Features

Moto-Tugger Single Cart Moto-Tugger Multiple Carts

Pull Single or Multiple Carts

Moto-Tugger Quick Hitch
Quick Hitch Lift System
  • Battery Gauge
  • Built-in Battery Charger
  • Horn, Key Switch
  • Lift Button, Throttle, 2 Switches
  • 8" Non-Marking Wheels
  • 125 amp Solid State Controls
  • Transaxle Drive
  • 24 Volt DC Motor
  • (2) 22 AMP Sealed Lead/Acid Batteries
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Model MC-TG-1
Capacity 1,500 lbs.
Width 24"
Length 18.75"
Height 41.6"
Weight 120 lbs.

Hitch Arrangements For Moto-Tugger To Cart

There are various hitches that can be welded or clamped to existing carts.

The slide clamp tubes fit underneath the cart to provide receiver tubes at both ends of the cart. Model 4752 is for carts 40" - 55" long. Model 4753 is for carts 56" - 76" long. Custom tubes are also available.

The Male Hitches
The Male Hitch end slides into the receive tube and has a safety latch for towing. Model 4750 is for carts with 5" or 6" casters and Model 4755 is for carts with 6" or 8" casters.

Cart to Cart Hitch End
Model 4754 is used between carts when pulling multiple carts.

Moto-Cart Receiver Tube
Model 4756 is designed to fit our standard Moto-Cart, Models MC-10S, MC-10M and MC-10L, allowing the Moto-Cart to become a tugger as well as a platform cart. (Must order hitch 4755 to tow carts with The Moto-Cart)
Moto-Tugger Hitch 4750 Moto-Tugger Hitch 4752 Moto-Tugger Hitch 4754
4750 4752 & 4753 Receiver Tube 4754
Moto-Tugger Hitch 4755 Moto-Tugger Hitch 4756 Contact us for assistance determining the proper hitch for your specific requirements.
4755 4756

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