MXPTE-45 Electric Pallet Truck

MXPTE-45 Electric Pallet Truck

The MXPTE-45 electric pallet truck has a 4,500 lbs capacity. Ideal for facilities that commonly handle loads at floor level.

The construction of the MXPTE-45 includes quality components that provide fast & smooth operation while keeping maintenance costs low.

Standard Equipment

  • Curtis Transistor Travel Controller
  • Thumb Control
  • Key Switch
  • 24V Maintenance Free Battery
  • Horn
  • Hour Meter BDI Combo Gauge
  • Reversing Switch
  • Pack with Built-In 110V Charger

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  • Battery - 24-volt industrial battery or battery pack. Minimum battery weight 480 lbs. AH capacity minimum/maximum 135/255. Battery compartment dimensions are 28.25" x 9" x 24" tall. Connector is SB-175 Gray
  • Speed - Curtis SepEx transistor speed control Variable from 0 mph to 3.66 mph empty. Variable from 0 mph to 2.86 mph loaded
  • Hydraulics - Lift cylinder is hard chrome. Pump unit including motor, gear pump, and solenoid actuated, pressure compensated lowering valves mounted high in the power compartment for ease service.
  • Electrical - Curtis SepEx transistor travel controller and separately excited Class H drive motor provide high torque throughout entire drive range. Travel speed remains constant relative to throttle position regardless of load on truck. No directional contactors. Master contactor operates with main on/off switch. Automatic resetting circuit breaker and fused circuit protection complete the 24V electrical system.
  • Controls - Travel lift/lower functions are located in the ergonomic operator handle. Designed to allow operation with either hand. Wrap around guard, reversing switch, thumb control, and horn are standard.
  • Transmission - Horizontally mounted drive motor is direct mounted to gear housing. Oil bathed double reduction helical end spur gear drive train transfers power to axle. Time proven basic design allows for long life and ease of maintenance.
  • Bearings - DRIVE WHEEL-Tapered roller bearings sealed in oil bath LOAD WHEELS-Sealed ball bearings TRANSMISSION-MOUNT-Vertical thrust and horizontal tapered load bearings-HD FORK LINKAGE-Self lubricated heat treated bushing no lubrication needed.
  • Accessibility - Removal of one piece power head cover exposes major components for inspection and maintenance. Drive tire can be removed with one nut
  • Brakes - Drum brake is mounted on motor armature shaft multiply the braking power through the double reduction transmission. Brake is applied when control arm is within 12.5" of vertical or 28.7" from horizontal handle position.


Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Trucks
Model: MPXTE-45 Capacity: 4500 lbs.
Forks: 27" W x 48" L Wheel Material: Polyurethane
Rasied Height: 8" Fork Lowered Height: 3.25"
Fork Length (Nominal) 47" Fork Width: 7.28"
Overall Fork Width: 27" Overall Truck Length: 80"
Overall Width: 30" Turning Radius: 65.63"
Right Angle Stack with (40 x 48" Pallet) 78.74" Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded: 2.86 / 3.66 (mph)
Weight w/Battery 1340 lbs. Weight Chassis Only 859 lbs.
Size of Drive Wheel: 10.5" x 5" Wide Size of Load Wheel: 3" x 4.7" Wide
Travel Braking: Regenerative Parking Brake: Mechanical
Voltage/Amp Hour: 24-Volt/255 AH Minimum Battery Weight: 480 lbs.
Battery Compartment: 28.25" x 9" x Open Travel Controller: Curtis Transistor 1243

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