The Maxx-Ergo-Lifter is a highly maneuverable light capacity lifter designed for multiple material handling applications. It is equipped with a standard platform and has a load capacity of 330 or 550 lbs.

Ideal for assembly operations, ergonomic applications and other material handling needs. The Maxx-Ergo-Lifter features a lift/lower button on a flexible control cord that allows the operator to be in the most comfortable position while lifting or lowering loads. The electric lift is battery operated and features an on board charger that runs on 110 volt input.

Also available are several optional attachments that customize the unit for specific applications including roll and coil handling attachments and a tote lifter attachment that are bolted on permitting the unit to be changed back to the standard platform when required.


  • Ideal for use in narrow aisles and confined spaces. Perfect for all applications from pharmaceutical to catering, from packing lines to food processing, from warehouses to offices, kitchens, laboratories, retail outlets, etc.
  • Automatic electronic overload protection system ensures safety.
  • 24V Maintenance free and sealed batteries, automatic on-board charger.
  • Quick change attachment options available.
  • Conforms to EN1757, CE marked.

Maxx-Ergo-Lifter Literature MXE-150 Quote


Model Vertical
Height Straddle Overall Size
Wheels Quote
Lower Upper ID OD Steer Load
MXE-150 54" 330 @ 9" load center 5" 59" 18.75" 23.25" 35"x23.5"x70" 5" swivel w/brake 3" swivel Quote
MXE-250 64.9" 550 @ 7.9" load center 5.1" 70" 18.9" 22" 33.5"x29.1"x86.6" 5" swivel w/brake 3" swivel Quote


MXE-150 A-1 Attachment Attachment A-1 is used for rolls or coils that require lifting from underneath. Ideal for placing rolls on and off a shaft. MXE-150 A-2 Attachment Attachment A-2 is a single ram suited for lifting coils or rolls through the core. The ram length is 24" long and 2" in diameter.
MXE-150 A-3 Attachment Attachment A-3 is a dual ram arrangement. The ram length is 17.75" long and 2" in diameter. The distance between the ram is 6". It can be used to cradle rolls or can handle 2 small rolls at one time through the core. MXE-150 A-4 Attachment Attachment A-4 is a roll handled designed to handle rolls in the verticle and horizontal position (poker chip position). The unit features an expandable ram that holds the roll by expanding in the core by turning the wheel pictured. The ram is 11" long and is 2.9" in diameter.

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