Case Study: Assembly Line Work Platform

Assembly Line Work Platform

The Requirement

For the manufacture of large transformers, a multinational power management company faced a series of unique challenges. During the assembly of the transformers, they travel down a powered conveyor system approximately 4 feet off the ground. The transformers themselves can be up to 8 feet tall and various assemblies must be installed at numerous elevations including on the top most section of the transformer.

The Solution

Several aspects of the application were provided to handle the various challenges:

  • A raised base frame for a lift table, to match the lowered height of 4 feet of the conveyor, was provided. The lift table had to have a vertical travel of 5 feet for easy access to the top of the transformer. Allowing the table to travel down to floor level, for the volume of parts needed, was too time consuming. The tools and test connections need to stay in place during assembly. The Lift Products Lift table work platform provided a large area for a work bench, tools, and test equipment.
  • A mini lift cart lift was incorporated into the side of the work platform so kitted parts carts could be lifted to the elevated work platform as needed, allowing the work platform to stay into position.
  • A slide out platform extension was provided to allow the assemblers to get up snug to the transformer. The slide out platform also included notches to avoid protrusions of the transformer. It was also electrically interlocked to eliminate lift platform vertical travel while extended.
  • Custom railings, gates with interlocks and safety chain were designed for the application.
Transformer Lift Table
Elevated Work Platform

As a result of this custom work lift platform, the customer was able to meet and exceed production goals for the new transformer assembly line.

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