MMLE Electric Lift Cart

Maxx-Mobile MMLE

These economical portable DC electric lift tables are a convenient solution to many material handling situations. The efficiency and ease of operation of an electric lift is frequently preferred over manual pump up type tables.

The Maxx-Mini Lift MMLE series is designed for order picking, die handling, assembly or anywhere lifting is required. Ergonomically placing the load at the right height minimizes the possiblity of back injury and increases productivity.


MMLE Control Buttons A Simple push button control is conveniently positioned on the handle. MMLE Charger An external charger is fully automatic and runs on 110 Volt input.
MMLE Foot Brake Locking Foot Brakes An on board 12 Volt battery provides the power to operate the electric motor.

Max Mobile Literature MMLE Quote


Maxx-Mini Lift MMLE Series
Model Vertical
Height Platform
Size (W x L)
Lower Upper
MMLE-100 18" 2200 19.25" 37.25" 20.5" x 39.75" 372 Quote
MMLE-100-XL 31" 2200 17" 48" 31.5" x 47.25" 473 Quote
MMLE-50D 44" 1100 19.5" 63.5" 20.5" x 39.75" 436 Quote
MMLE-80D 37" 1760 20" 57" 20.5" x 39.75" 458 Quote

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