About Us

Lift Products Inc is a manufacturer of ergonomic industrial equipment with an emphasis towards lift tables, tilt tables, upenders and electric platform trucks. Our corporate offices are based in Waukesha, WI while our factory operates in Waupun, WI. We are a customer driven company consistently looking at new ways to reach out to and support our dealer network and OEM manufacturers. Our driving principle is "Innovation In Ergonomics" whereby we strive to make the workplace safer and more efficient by removing potentials for injury and bottlenecks in processes.

We differentiate ourselves in the marketplace not only by our level of expertise in the field, but also by the speed and efficiency to which we respond to our customers and their potential customization requirements. For quote requests on standard equipment, we'll respond within 1 business day. We draft approval drawings for custom equipment in a matter of days, not weeks. Many of our products are ready for shipment within 2 business days. If there's a change order, the systems we have in place are meant to work for us, not work against us and as such it's a simple matter of doing it.

We've come across numerous applications for industrial equipment over the years with many more approaches as to how to accomplish the required tasks. Not all solutions are equal and we're upfront about that. If we believe the proposed solution is unsafe in any respect, we won't build it. If we believe there's a better solution that we cannot build for some reason, we'll refer you to someone that can. Our commitment to our dealers and their customers supersedes all else, even in times where we lose potential business. We are not in the business of providing a piece of equipment, but peace of mind - knowing that the solutions we provide are safe, reliable and repeatable.

But most of all, what defines us is our notion of fairness. Nothing is 100% all of the time. There are bumps every now and then. The core of Lift Products is revealed in those moments as you'll find that, no matter the situation, we'll treat you fairly and honestly. If you hear someone say "It's our policy...", you won't be talking to us. While we do have standard procedures in place, we recognize that every piece of equipment and the applications they are intended to serve are unique and we approach each and every one of those applications in a personalized manner with a deeply held notion of fairness.