Moto-Cart HD

Moto-Cart HD

The Moto-Cart HD series is for those applications where a larger cart is required. Available in two capacities, 1,500 lb and 2,000 lb.

The Moto- Cart HD has a heavier drive transaxle and upgraded controls, 6" x 2" swivel casters (std on both models). Other operational features are the same as on the standard Moto-Cart

Standard Features

Moto-Cart HD Controls
New Roller Grip Controls:
  • Roller (red) Speed Controls for Variable Speed Forward or Reverse
  • Rabbit / Tuddle Switch for Top Speed Control
  • Power Green Light (which also flashes when battery is low)
  • Emergency Stop Bump Switch (that resets with key switch)
  • Horn and Key Switch
  • Heavy Duty 24-Volt Electronics and Drive Motor
  • Center Wheel Drive for Easy Maneuvering
  • On-Board Battery Charger - Uses Standard Grounded Outlet 120V 60Hz
  • Free-Wheel Mode (When key is in off position and brake is released)
  • Articulated Transaxle Drive
  • Two Heavy Duty Maintenance-Free Batteries 33 amp each
  • Anti-Skid Deck Mat
  • Bumper Molding
  • Color White
  • Maximum Speed 2.6 mph
Moto-Cart Literature

Moto-cart HD Quote

Safety Features

  • Automatic Braking (Dynamic Regenerative)
  • Automatic Parking Brake (Electro-mechanical)
  • Horn
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Flashing Reverse Mode Switch
    (Switch flashes yellow when in reverse drive mode)
  • Splash Proof Electronics
  • Release Brake Drive Inhibit
    (Unit will not operate when parking brake is off)
  • Charge Mode Drive Inhibit
    (Unit will not operate when plugged in to charge)
  • Throttle Fault Inhibit
    (Unit will not operate if throttle is faulty)


Model Capacity
MC2-HD15 1,500 36" x 48" 36" x 56.5" 14" 400 Quote
MC2-HD20 2,000 36" x 48" 36" x 56.5" 14" 425 Quote

Options: Foam Filled Tires

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