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Double High Max-Lift

With the same key features of the standard Max-Lift Table, The Double High Max-Lift Table offers a solution to those material handling applications with high lift requirements. Additional applications are those in which the platform size must be smaller than what is offered on a single pair of scissor arms with a specific amount of vertical travel.

Unlike other tables that simply connect one set of scissor arms to another, The Double High Max-Lift stacks one entire table on top of another. The intermediate platform frame keeps the scissor properly aligned for long life and reliability. This design also offers minimal deflection when dealing with offset loads.

The Double High Max-Lift Table is a superior product made in the U.S. and offering years of trouble-free operation.

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Zerk Fitting

Zerk Fittings

On camroller and pivot points. Regreasable. Lasts longer than lifetime lubricated bearings. Easily serviced.

15 Minute Motor

15 Min. Motor

Intermittent duty. Able to be run for 15 minutes of every hour. Suitable for medium and high cycle applications.

Trapped Rollers

Trapped Rollers

Captured 'Lift-Lok' secures top and base leg rollers and allows for easy maintenance access when lowered.

Teflon Seals

Teflon Seals

Extends cylinder life by reducing friction and wear. Faster stroke speeds than rubber. High chemical resistance.


HeightCapacityPlatform SizeBase
LPT-48XXH48"14.5"62.5"2,0005,00024" x 36"48" x 60"30" x 36"Quote
LPT-72XXH72"14.5"86.5"2,0005,00024" x 48"48" x 72"30" x 48"Quote
LPT-96XXH96"15"111"2,0004,00025" x 64"48" x 88"31" x 64"Quote
LPT-120XXH120"16"136"2,0004,00025" x 84"48" x 108"31" x 84"Quote
Std Cap2,000 lbs
Max Cap5,000 lbs4,000 lbs
Min Top24"x36"24"x48"25"x64"25"x84"
Max Top48"x60"48"x72"48"x88"48"x108"

Standard Features

  • Internally mounted 1.5 HP 115/230V-I-60 or 230/460-3-60 intermittent duty TENV super torque motor
  • 115V operating control voltage
  • NEMA constant pressure. Magnet backed up-down push button control station with 10' straight or coiled cord.
  • All controller components meet UL and/or CSA specifications.
  • Cylinders with internal stops.
  • 10' power cord (connector not included)
  • Integral safety restraint maintenance bars.
  • S.A.E. hoses and fittings.
  • NEMA - 1 prewired controls and electrical connectors. Control box contains contactor, control transformer, thermal overload and fuse.
  • Hard, chrome plated, polished shafting hydraulic cylinder piston rods.
  • Surfaces degreased, descaled and finished with Safety Yellow and Blue enamel.
  • Smooth steel top with yellow and black safety strips.
  • Internal gear pump with check valve, relief valve, solenoid valve.
  • Includes hydraulic oil and filter.


Lift Table Accordion Skirting

Safety Skirting

Lift Table With Conveyor Top

Conveyor Top

Stainless Steel Double High Lift Table

Stainless Steel

Double High Lift Table Rotating Top

Rotating Top

  • Foot Control Switch
  • Up-Down Push Button with Key Lock-Out
  • Adjustable Limit Switch
  • Adjustable Lower Limit Switch
  • Remote Power Unit Pump, Motor & Tank
  • Tapered Toe Guards
  • Adjustable Flow Valve for Lowering
  • Low Temperature Hydraulic Oil
  • Diamond Tread Deck
  • Ball Transfer
  • 24 Volt D.C. Power Unit
  • Handrail Gate
  • Pit Frame
  • Hydraulic Fuse
  • Electric Interlock