Custom Electric Cart

Custom Electric Carts

A major producer of motion picture film needed a motorized cart to deliver two large rolls of material to their machines to be placed on spindals for processing. The Moto-Cart with an all aluminum custom frame was the solution for their application

Customized Moto-Cart A large aircraft manufacturer wanted a motorized cart for handling dies to slide off and on work stations of various heights. The Moto-Cart with a manual crank hydraulic lift, fold down sides and a uhmw coated top was the solution. The height adjustment of 11.5" met all their requirements.
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Mobile Medical Supply Chest

Motorized Mobile Medical Supply Chest

Mobile Tool Chests

Motorized Mobile Tool Chest

Die Handling Made Easier

Die Handling Electric Cart Die Handling Electric Cart Lift Products now offers our MMLE Series-customized. These Portable Battery Lift Tables are now available to customers in Die Handling in the 1,000-2,000 capacity range.

The table features a Ball Transfer Top with removable sides and end stops to allow transfer of dies in and out of machines or storage racks. This feature would be available on some of our foot pump up models if required as well.

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