Moto-Cart Jr

Moto-Cart Jr.

The Moto-Cart Jr. is an economical solution to electric cart applications. Designed as a more basic model than the standard Moto-Cart, this cart still offers Transaxle drive and advanced roller grip controls.

The 4-Wheel Moto-Cart Jr. comes in two popular sizes and has a 1,100 lb capacity. The maintenance free batteries are rechargeable with an onboard charger that runs on standard 115 voltage.

Standard Features

Moto-Cart Jr Controls
New Roller Grip Controls:
  • Roller (red) Speed Controls for Variable Speed Forward or Reverse
  • Rabbit / Tuddle Switch for Top Speed Control
  • Power Green Light (which also flashes when battery is low)
  • Emergency Stop Bump Switch (that resets with key switch)
  • Horn and Key Switch
  • Automatic Breaking
  • 24 Volt Electrical System
  • Curtis Controls
  • Emergency Stop Bump Switch
  • Color: White w/Black Deck Mat
  • (2) 33 AMP Maintenance
    Free Batteries
  • Adjustable Top Speed
  • On-Board UL-Charger
  • Free Wheel Mode
  • Pneumatic Non-Marking
    Rubber Drive Wheels
  • Poly Casters
  • Front Wheel Transaxle Drive
  • Key Switch
  • Battery Gauge
  • Roller Grip Controls
  • Full Perimeter Bumper
  • Back-Up Beeper
Moto-Cart Literature

Moto-Cart Jr Quote


Model Capacity Usable Deck Overall Size Deck Height Max Incline Max Speed Weight Quote
JRMC-11 1,100 24" x 45.5" 25" x 52.5" x 43"H 12.5" 2.8 MPH 395 Quote
JRMC-11-W 1,100 34" x 45.5" 36" x 52.5" x 43"H 12.5" 2.8 MPH 430 Quote

Moto-Cart Jr. Options

Moto-Cart Jr with Tote
Tote Rack Assembly

The optional Tote Rack Assembly can carry two large totes (optional) with each opening measuring 18.375"W x 21.5"L x 7.5"D, there is also an additional area on the lower platform for large parcels.
Additional Options:
  • Wire Shelving
  • Totes
  • Custom Designs

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