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Max-Tilt Hydraulic Tilt Tables

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Max-Tilt Table

Max-Tilt tables are designed for those applications where tilting the load provides for improved access to the product. Tables availble with 45° or 90° tilt.

Max-Tilt tables are electric hydraulic with the 45° models powered up and gravity down, while the 90° models are powered both up and down with double acting cylinders.

With capacities of 2,000 - 6,000 lbs., the Max-Tilt series can handle most applications.

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Zerk Fitting

Zerk Fittings

On camroller and pivot points. Regreasable. Lasts longer than lifetime lubricated bearings. Easily serviced.

15 Minute Motor

15 Min. Motor

Intermittent duty. Able to be run for 15 minutes of every hour. Suitable for medium and high cycle applications.

Ribbed Steel Reinforced Deck

Ribbed Steel

Platform deck is reinforced by ribbed steel to eliminate load deflection and provide for stable load rotation throughout the stroke of the cylinder.

Tilt Table Platform Lip

Platform Lip

Standard platform lip of 4" holds most containers in place during rotation. Custom lip lengths and shapes are available for higher load centers.


CapacityTiltPlatform SizeLowered
LPTT-202,000 lbs45°/90°24" x 36"72" x 72"10"16s/20s1Quote
LPTT-404,000 lbs45°/90°24" x 36"72" x 72"10"19s/28s2Quote
LPTT-606,000 lbs45°/90°24" x 36"72" x 72"10"24s/48s3Quote
Capacity2K lbs4K lbs6K lbs
Min Top24"x36"24"x36"24"x36"
Max Top72"x72"72"x72"72"x72"

Standard Features

  • 1.5 HP triple duty internal motor
  • Regreasable zerk fittings on pivot points
  • Ribbed steel reinforced platform deck
  • 115/230 single or 230/460 3 phase voltage
  • 30 amp dedicated circuit is required for 115 volt
  • 10' power cord (connector not included)
  • Hydraulic gear pump
  • Check & solenoid valve, filter and velocity fuse
  • Color yellow top with blue frame
  • Powered up / gravity down on 45° tilt
  • Powered up / powered down on 90° tilt
  • Tilt limit switch
  • Push button magnetic back control box
  • Smooth steel deck with 4" high lip on hinge end
  • High quality chrome plated cylinder
  • Control box with magnetic starter transformer
  • Thermal overload and fuses in control box
  • Designed for surface or lift table mounting


Side Tilting Tilt Table

Side Tilt

Tilt Table Custom Fixtures

Custom Tops

Lift Mounted Tilt Table

Lift Mounted

Tilt Table With Conveyor Top

Conveyor Top

  • Foot control switch
  • Tapered toe guards
  • Lowering beeper
  • Raised base
  • Remote power unit
  • Safety skirting
  • Special color
  • Adj. tilt limit switch
  • Custom lip
  • Side walls
  • V-cradle top
  • Remote control
  • Custom platform sizes
  • Custom platform shapes
  • Custom tilt speeds