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Custom Upenders & Tilters

Our standard upenders can handle a lot of tough situations and are built to do so. However, some applications require customization to provide the ergonomic, safety and productivity benefits of our standard product.

Our experienced staff can offer a wide variety of solutions to handle many unique applications, and will work with you to talior our products to best address your specific needs. Simply put, customization is something we do well, and is something we consider a core advantage of working with Lift Products over our competitors in the marketplace. Described below are a couple of different upenders we have developed recently for customers requiring custom up-enders for special applications.

Integrated Upender: Diesel Engine Assembly Line

Diesel Engine Upender
The engine coming from inbound conveyor 22" above floor height
The Application: A manufacturer of diesel engines needs to convey engines down an assembly line and tilt them 90 degrees to access the bottom of the diesel block.

The Solution: A custom upender with conveyors on both platforms was developed to allow integration with the assembly line. Each conveyor was elevated to specific heights to match the inbound and outbound conveyors, and the unit provides repositioning of the engine block as desired.
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Pallet Upender: Electronic Control Cabinet Assembly

Pallet Upender
The upender ready to accep a palletized cabinet in the vertical position.
Pallet Upender
The tabletop configuration after transit, which provides proper ergonomic work height for assembly with the product in the horizontal position.
The Application: A customer building electronic control cabinet was in need of repositioning their palletized product 90 degrees to facilitate proper ergonomics during component installation

The Solution: A custom upender with forks was developed to meet the customer's needs. These forks were positioned in such a way that the unit could be fed with a standard pallet truck, thereby eliminating the need for operators to wait for forklifts or other personel to assist in loading. Once loaded, the custom unit repositions the cabinets from the vertical to a horizontal placement on a 28" high tabletop through the use of a special off-set pivot point.

Upender with Custom Fixtures

Custom Upender CAD Custom Upender Tipping some products can require a custom fixture to hold them in the process. A large manufacturer of mining equipment had a safety and ergonomic problem tipping a 2-ton bogy wheel used in their crawler track system. Using a hoist had adverse effects on the hoist and did not allow complete control in tipping the wheel.

Using state of the art 3-D modeling software we went about designing a custom Upender with a split platform. In addition, a special fixture was designed to hold a variety of wheel sizes and keep them fully supported during the upending process. The special upender raised base keeps the centerline of the wheels at a 36" height for improved ergonomic handling.

Roll & Palletize

Upender Conveyor The Application: 64" long rolls with a 40" diameter have to be stood up and placed on a platform for shipping.

The Solution: A U-cradle upender designed with the same height as the customer's existing U-cradle transfer carts. The 2,000 lb roll is pushed onto the conveyor cradle using the carts. Notice the 8" space between the cradle and the upper platform. This space is for the shipping pallet to be placed. Once the roll and pallet are in position, the upender tips the roll 90° placing it on the pallet which is then removed by fork lift. This upender also features fork entry bars to allow the operator to move the upender around the plant as needed.

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