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Requirements listed by a Customer:
  1. Lift Table that can be moved easily to be reconfigure assembly line
  2. Rotating top with conveyor that has pneumatic brakes without air lines hanging down that could become entangled or damaged
  3. Up & down control with automatic stop to line up with stationary conveyor
Lift Products solution:
The Max-Lift table with:
  1. 4 way fork pocket to handle either direction
  2. Special air rotation bearing allowing air line up through center of table & rotation
  3. Lift limit switch with push button override

Self-Propelled Lift Tables

Self-Propelled Max-Lift Custom applications require custom solutions. This unit was designed for a customers heavy totes coming off a conveyor line. These loads were then transported and conveyed to several conveyor lines of various heights.
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Special Tilt & Lift Table for Pallet Manufacturers

Tilting Conveyor on Max-Lift Problem: Pallet loads of boards are hand picked off of pallet stack to machine for sorting and finishing. Constant bending and reaching.

Solution: Lift Products design custom tilt with lift table. Pallet load is conveyed on to lift and tilt 38 degrees allowing top layer of boards to slide on to sorting table and machine. Operator pushes raise button for each layer to slide off.

Result: Substantial increase in through put and reduced injuries. Pay back in 8 months.

Workhorse for Horse Work

Custom Stainless Steel Max Lift There are some products in the market designed for heavy animal surgery, most are not built in accord with best industrial practices or safety standards. This is why a Colorado veterinarian requested Lift Products, to design an Equine lift that could be sunk into the floor and meet OSHA safety guidelines.

When working on a large animal like a horse, veterinarian often have to support extremities in a variety of configurations that would normally require huge work surfaces. Due to this factor a modular design is often employed that allows portions to a table surface to be added or reconfigured based on the needs of the doctor and patient. For this specific application Lift Products developed a lift table with 22" x 22" slide in platform sections that can be placed in various locations on any of the lift table's four sides. In addition, this custom equipment was painted with "Steel-It" epoxy paint to prevent corrosion that may occur from frequent cleaning.

Floor Level 50k lbs Rolling Capacity

Custom Lift 50k lbs Rolling Cap A large manufacturer of power transmissions recently presented an interesting problem to Lift Products. The manufacturer needed to lift a heavy machine operator, negotiate (2) integrated obstructions, and provide for floor level capacity to handle a 50,000 lbs rolling load.

A highly customized lift table was desgined for the application to meet these criteria. The unit provides 24" of lift to the operator and is pit mounted so when collapsed the equipment is flush with the floor. The goal of providing an operator ergonomic access to a large production machine was the easy part however.

Since the lift table needed to be very close to the production equipment, it also had to accomodate the obstruction of (2) large protrusions right in the path of the tables vertical travel. Normally, such items could be notched around without too much concern. However, in this application, this rudimentary approach would have presented a dangerous tripping hazzard. Lift Products responded by designing telescopic plates that covered over the protrusions when lowered, and recessed into the smooth platform surface when raised.

When the table was collapsed, a 25,000lb. pallet truck carrying a 25,000lb. steel coil would need to transit the lift tables surface. The pallet truck furthermore would distribute this weight on 6" wheels thereby pointloading the weight.

Lift Products solution was to build a false top of 1" thick steel reinforced with (9) 4" high steel stringer beams welded underneath the surface. When fully lowered, the (9) stringer beams rest directly on (2) perpendicular 12" steel beams integral to the units base frame. With this support in place, the unit took shape and cleared the final obstacle in providing a highly custom solution for this very unique industrial application.

Custom Lift 50k lbs Rolling Cap

Ramp Lift & Roll

Roll on Lift Table Custom Ramp Roll Lift Table Our custom department was presented with another special application. The customer had a piece of equipment that was on wheels and needed to be rolled on a lift table and raised to an ergonomic height for assembly and then lowered and rolled off. They required a 360° access but did not want the operation to stand on a ramp as this could be a trip hazard.

Lift Products Custom department customized hinged ramps with roll out bearings at the end to push out the ramp when it came in contact with the floor. We also installed guide rails and retaining pins to guide and hold unit in position.


Custom Lift Table The requirement called for the customer to build loads of 10ft pipe. Layer by layer the customer lowers the lift to build the load of pipe. In order to make sure that the load is square Lift Products incorporated an on-end lift table to push the load against the back stop. Once that happened the powered conveyor took the load away

Again, this is just another example of the custom work that we can do. We were able to work with the customer to get exactly what they needed.

Custom Lift-N-Spin with Retangular Top

Custom Lift-N-Spin Square Top Lift-N-Spin The Lift-N-Spin is a great product for most standard pallets. However, a customer liked the features of the Lift-N-Spin but had a plastic pallet with block feet in each corner. The block feet were too large to fit within the Lift-N-Spin's standard 45" diameter round top.

Our custom department designed a rectangular rotating top to fit the customer's requirements. The rectangular top swings over the transition ramp plate and then nests in when ready to be unloaded or loaded.

Lift N' Spin Not Just For Pallets

We continue to bring our clients customization ideas for various projects. An example is our Lift N' Spin with "ramp-on" and "ramp-off" capabilities.
Gated Lift N Spin Raised Square Top Lift-N-Spin
Notice the elevated curved rail with a swing out gate. The customer of this custom lift table manufactures medical equipment. Their product is on casters. In the assembly process, the assembler opens the gate and rolls the cart onto the lift then raises their product to a comfortable height and revolves it as needed to finish the assembly process. The elevated ring keeps the cart securly on the rotating top. When finished, the assembler lowers the table, opens the gate and rolls the finished product off the table and down the exit ramp.

Customized Electric Tugger and Lift Table

Custom Lift Table with Tugger
    Standard Max-Lift LPT-045-36 with:

  • Outboard mounted low profile caster frame
  • E-Z roll swivel lock casters
  • 43" round rotating top drilled and taped for fixture
  • Custom cam lever rotation lock at 90° intervals
  • Twist lock power cord
  • Quick release push bar w/mushroom style sockets
  • Electric tugger with custom tow hitch
  • Tow pin plate for possible future in floor tow system

Lifting Operators Offers Ergonomic Solutions

In large scale applications lifting the operator to the work space provides an ideal ergonomic and economic solution over lifting the work space to the operator. Using lift tables for welding on large machinery, assembly, and paint line applications creates a safer work environment by avoiding the use of ladders and repetitive motion injuries associated with reaching. Lift Products offers custom designed lift tables to meet your specific needs with the use of handrails, back plates, snap chains, gates, safety tread decks and custom shaped platforms to fit around machinery.
L Shaped Lift Table Operator Lift Platform Lift Table with Hand Rails

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