2G 3G Lift Table

2G & 3G Light Duty Lift Tables

The G-Series Lift Tables have been designed as an economical solution for light duty applications. Available with 2,000 & 3,000 lb. capacities, The G-Series table can improve productivity and reduce injuries by placing loads at an ergonomic work height. The heavy duty 1.7 HP lift motor allows up to 12 full lifts per hour on average, with a competitive lift speed and runs on a 115 volt input 15 amp circuit. Available in 4 models, The G-Series has the right table for many applications. The G-Series tables are stock items and can usually ship in 24 hours.

The 3G-Series Lift Tables features a 2 lift cylinder for increased capacity and has the same standard features as the 2G models.

Options include: foot controls, fork pockets, casters and push handles are available.

Key Features

G-Series Safety Bar Full Perimeter Safety Bar
The full perimeter bar stops the table from lowering if it comes in contact with any obstruction. This feature improves safety when the table is used next to machinery, packing tables, work benches or other items when the table could cause entrapment while lowering. To reactivate the table the operator must reset the button on the control box.
G-Series Maintenance Bar Built In Maintenance Bar
The Table includes built-in Flip Down Bars on each side of the outer scissors arms. These bars are to be flipped down while performing maintenance or inspection.
G-Series Motor Exclusive 1.7 HP Motor
This intentionally oversized motor performs at a competitive lift speed with low amp draw. The high torque low RPM (1,700) lift motor is ETL-Rated. This 1.7 HP motor is energy efficient, can run on a standard 15 amp circuit, and also features a very quiet operation.

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G-Series Literature

3G Light Duty Lift Table
3G Model Shown

Standard Features

  • Upper Platform Full Perimeter Safety which prevents descent upon contact with an obstruction
  • Low Tension (24v) control box with up and down buttons. In addition, The G-Series includes an electric circuit reset button in case safety perimeter bar is activated
  • Upper limit switch shuts motor off at full height extension reducing wear on lift cylinder and motor
  • Single acting lift cylinder with flow control to prevent fast lowering in case of hose burst
  • Lifetime lubricated bearings on lift arms
  • 1.7 HP 115 volt motor with low amp draw and reliable performance
  • Runs on a standard 15 amp circuit


G-Series Light Duty Lift Tables
Model Capacity Platform
Height Lift
Speed (Empty)
Motor Ship
Lower Upper
2G-2849 2,000 lbs 28" x 49" 24.75" x 46" 8" 40" 18.5 sec 17.6 sec 1.7 HP 400 lbs Quote
2G-3849 2,000 lbs 38" x 49" 24.75" x 46" 8" 40" 18.5 sec 17.6 sec 1.7 HP 425 lbs Quote
3G-3049 3,000 lbs 30" x 49" 29.25" x 45" 8" 40" 28 sec 33 sec 1.7 HP 530 lbs Quote
3G-3849 3,000 lbs 38" x 49" 29.25" x 45" 8" 40" 28 sec 33 sec 1.7 HP 550 lbs Quote

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