Guardian Low Profile Lift Table

Guardian Low Profile

In addition to offering all the safety features of our regular "Guardian" Series lift tables, our low profile models have a lowered height of only 3.25". The low profile feature provides greater flexability since a variety of applications can be accommodated. And, installation costs are reduced since the need for a floor pit is eliminated.

With capacities ranging from 1,100 pounds to 3,300 pounds, the "Guardian" Series low profile lift tables are available in three versions with either a rectangular, "U" or "E" shaped top for numerous material handling applications.


Remote Power Unit

The floor mount power unit has the pump motor and tank on the plate frame. This is ideal for placing the power unit under a conveyor or work bench or when locations are required. Features 8' hoses, power cord and control cord. Three-button control box has 115 voltage single phase standard on 1,100 lb. and 2,200 lb. capacity units. 230/460 voltage three phase on 3,300 lb. units.

  • Meets and exceeds both U.S. (ANSI) and European safety standards.
  • Upper platform fitted with safety perimeter, which prevents descent on contact with obstructions.
  • Low-tension (24V) control box with up-down buttons. In addition the "Guardian" Series includes an electric circuit reset button in case the safety perimeter is actuated.
  • New design external power pack equipped with a relief valve against overloading and a compensated flow valve for controlling lowering speed. The power pack is supplied with hoses 8' long.
  • 115 voltage single phase standard . 230/460 voltage three phase is available as an option.
  • Upper limit switch.
  • Single acting cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the lift table lowering in case of hose burst.
  • Safety clearance between scissors to prevent trapping during operations.
  • Mechanical blocks for safe maintenance operations.
  • Self-lubricating bushings on pivot points.
  • Removable lifting eye(s) to facilitate handling and installation of the lift table.
Guardian Literature

Guardian Low Profile Quote


Guardian Series Low Profile Lift Tables
Model Vertical
Height Base
Std. Size
Motor Quote
Lower Upper
LPBL-10-1 30.75" 1,100 3.25" 34" 29" x 52.75" 31.5" x 55" 10 sec 1 HP Quote
LPBL-10-2 30.75" 1,100 3.25" 34" 29" x 52.75" 39.5" x 55" 10 sec 1 HP Quote
LPBL-20-1 30.75" 2,200 3.25" 34" 29" x 52.75" 31.5" x 55" 18 sec 1 HP Quote
LPBL-20-2 30.75" 2,200 3.25" 34" 29" x 52.75" 39.5" x 55" 18 sec 1 HP Quote
LPBL-30-1 29.5" 3,300 3.625" 33.125" 29" x 52.75" 31.5" x 61" 25 sec 1 HP Quote
LPBL-30-2 29.5" 3,300 3.625" 33.125" 29" x 52.75" 39.5" x 61" 25 sec 1 HP Quote


Guardian Loading Ramp Guardian Loading Ramp with Pallet Truck

Shown with optional loading ramp

Other options include:

  • Control Pedestal Stand
  • Foot Control Switch
  • 230/430 3 phase voltage for
    1,100 lbs and 2,200 lbs models

Custom Low Profile Lift Table: Ramp Lift & Roll

Roll on Lift Table Custom Ramp Roll Lift Table Our custom department was presented with another special application. The customer had a piece of equipment that was on wheels and needed to be rolled on a lift table and raised to an ergonomic height for assembly and then lowered and rolled off. They required a 360° access but did not want the operation to stand on a ramp as this could be a trip hazard.

Lift Products Custom department customized hinged ramps with roll out bearings at the end to push out the ramp when it came in contact with the floor. We also installed guide rails and retaining pins to guide and hold unit in position.

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